Mission and Vision


We believe that an efficient health service which looks after patients’ interests must always allow for free enterprise and maintain healthy competition between public and private stakeholders. This means that, together and by complementing each other, they help maintain an innovative health service which guarantees healthcare for all.

Strengthened by our longstanding and authoritative tradition of excellence, we passionately believe in the maintenance of a local medical service which ensures care and immediate assistance for the population (through doctors, GPs and specialists) so that they may indiscriminately take advantage of our innovative, high-quality services.

As a leader in dealing with musculoskeletal-related illnesses, we strive to develop and implement Sports Clinic services.

The management team and all our collaborators have always been committed to ensuring and promoting the tradition which has earned us our place among the best private clinics in Switzerland, and the preferred choice of a large number of foreign patients.

Finally, our joining the Swiss Medical Network (the Swiss group of private clinics) in 2012 gave our two companies a further advantage in the Ticino healthcare system, as we now benefit from a strategic alliance with a national group which will help us to face significant future challenges with greater safety and competence.