Facts and figures



Our collaborators and specialised members of staff are committed to compassionately meeting the needs of all our patients on a daily basis.



Our team of doctors and specialists, who also boast additional and multidisciplinary experience, are able to see to each patient’s individual care needs in order to give them the best possible advice and information.


Surgical procedures

Ars Medica Clinic offers treatments and procedures with a focus on orthopaedics and spinal surgery



Ars Medica Clinic accommodates patients in comfortable junior suites, and private, semi-private and shared rooms.

Emergency Unit

Our Orthopaedics Emergency Unit sees almost 8500 annual admissions and draws on collaboration from all services in the Ars Medica Clinic: specialist consultation, diagnoses and therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments. This avoids unnecessary patient transfers and ensures patients can promptly receive the medical care they need. Click on this link to see a video presentation.

Radiology Service

Our Radiology service undertakes about 30,000 outpatient examinations per year. Our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our staff are continually updated on new procedures, new technologies and the most advanced IT systems.

Physiotherapy Unit

Our Physiotherapy Unit boasts a therapeutic pool and treats about 4000 patients annually.

Our wide range of specialist treatments ensures excellent rehabilitation programmes as well as a set of services created for athletes and those wishing to improve their quality of life through massages and specially designed therapies.