Medical Partner

Our outpatient services in the field of sports medicine are aimed at maintaining physical wellbeing, restoring and maintaining health, preventing, diagnosing and treating sports-related illnesses and assessing the overall functional state of both individuals who are healthy and those with chronic illnesses, in order to prescribe physical exercise as a form of treatment.

Our clinic has a team of sports doctors and a multidisciplinary platform (radiology, physiotherapy and emergencies) especially for sports medicine.

Our clinic serves as a Medical Partner for several sports companies and events.

Lugano Hockey Club

Lugano Hockey Club is one of the most successful and well-established Swiss hockey clubs. Since the 1985/86 season, when the playoffs began, they have won seven national championships (1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1999, 2003, 2006), played in seven more playoff finals (1989, 1991, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2016, 2018), reached the final round of the European Cup final twice, reached the Euroleague Top Four Final once, reached the Super Six 2007, achieved three decisive actions in the Spengler Cup (1991, 2015, 2016) and two third places in the Continental Cup Superfinal. It’s safe to say that Lugano Hockey Club is a contemporary calling card for the City of Lugano and the Canton of Ticino.

Ambrì Piotta Hockey Club

Throughout its history, Ambri Piotta Hockey Club has always been known as a sports club with strong ties to the local area, and as an entity that promotes cross-generational sharing of ideas and values. All of their fans have unwaveringly supported their beloved team without fail, who in turn have always welcomed heavy involvement from the community and shown great kindness to both individual fans, local companies and firms outside Ticino.

Giovanili FC Chiasso

Chiasso Football Club began on 16th October 1905, when about forty young enthusiasts officially founded this red and blue team. At least four generations have rejoiced, suffered and trembled for a team which has proved itself both in the highest sports rankings, and in the slower-paced limbo of the interregional leagues.

The Chiasso FC youth academy shares with the teams of Balerna and Morbio a passion for football and an endeavour to develop their young people in the world of sport.  

Scenic Trail

Scenic Trail is a Trail Running competition covering an area of 400km2 and passing through 8 towns: Alto Malcantone, Bedano, Capriasca, Isone, Lugano, Mezzovico-Vira, Monte Ceneri and Torricella Taverne, in Canton Ticino.

It takes place the second weekend of June. It began in 2013, and the first edition covered 50km of distance and 3800m of altitude along a path that runs along the ridges of Capriasca and Lugano, where you can admire a breathtakingly scenic view (hence the event’s name). In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Scenic Trail was given the Swiss Ultra Trail Award for being the best Trail Running competition in Switzerland. For the sixth edition, there are five routes, all of which boast unparalleled beauty.

Ascona-Locarno Run

After the huge success of the 2018 edition, which saw almost 2000 people sign up to the various competitions, including athletes from Switzerland and several other European countries, Ascona-Locarno Run is deemed one of the most significant running events locally and beyond.


Stralugano is an event that’s synonymous with enthusiasm, solidarity, sports, health, friendship and wellbeing. It’s an unmissable opportunity for Lugano locals and visitors, and an engaging weekend for families and athletes.

Granfondo San Gottardo

The Granfondo around the Gotthard is now one of the most popular sports events for cycling enthusiasts. Following a route that includes the three passes of Gotthard, Furka and Novena, cyclists can train, test themselves and get ready for the Granfondo. All participants can test their performance on the whole track or just a part of it.

Virtus Locarno

Founded in 1909 as the “VIRTUS Gymnastics Club” (originally presided over by Luigi Bosia and supervised by Luigi Pellanda), it was originally linked to the local boys’ church youth club. Until the early 1950s, the club was mainly involved in artistic gymnastics. In the late 1900s VIRTUS became solely focused on track and field sports, coinciding with both the closure of the youth club and increasing interest in these activities.

Riva Basket

Riva Basket is now a well-established club whose endeavours are all based on the importance of basketball and its values. These values underpin both the club’s Youth Movement and the first team, which competed for the top LNA championship over several years.

AC Sementina 1947

In 1947, AC Sementina was rebuilt. 1996-97 marked the 50th anniversary of the club’s foundation with Carlo Riva as president. In that same year, the senior team was formed. In the 97-98 season, a new committee and president, Pietro Castellano, were appointed. Since then, the club has held its position between the second league and the second interregional league. In the 2004/2005 season, ACS became the Ticino champion (in the second league) and prepared to compete for a championship beyond Gotthard for the first time. They were also victorious in the Ticino Super Cup.

All Sport Association

All Sport Association (ASA) is a sports and cultural association. Their aim is to promote the values of sports with energy and enthusiasm, including fair play, respect, teamwork, coming together, determination and achieving your goals. Input from sector professionals who oversee every proposal gives our work a strong scientific basis. It is their knowledge and experience that ensure the quality and consistent success of every sports and educational initiative promoted by ASA.

Joël Camathias

After a year’s sabbatical from motorsport, Ticino driver Joel Camathias went on to compete in both the Sprint and Endurance events of the 2019 Italian GT, driving a Porsche Cayman GT4, backed by the Autorlando Sport team. Joel’s break in his over 20-year competitive career (in 2018 he competed in just the 24 Hours of Barcelona event) has now come to an end. The Ticino racer threw himself into the fray of the Gran Turismo races, with two engagements in 2019: he competed in both the Sprint and Endurance events during the highly rated Italian GT Championship, driving a Porsche Cayman 718 GT4, provided by Autorlando Sport and shared with Giuseppe Ghezzi, from Lombardy.

Ricky Petrucciani

Ricky was born in Locarno and raised in Mosogno (in Valle Onsernone). Having attended elementary school in the valley, he achieved his middle school diploma at Collegio Papio in Ascona.

He took his first sports steps in football (he was selected to play for Team Ticino), but from summer 2015 he decided to devote himself to athletics. This was partly owing to his having seized the spotlight in 2012 when he came second place in the national final 60m race of the Migros Sprint and the 1000m race of the Mille Gruyere.

He soon became aware of his abilities as a thoroughbred sprinter, showing his special talent in the 400m races when in 2016 he had the privilege of competing in the U18 European championships in Tblisi, and subsequently claimed the title of Swiss category champion. 2017 was an especially impressive year, when he won the U18 Swiss outdoor championships in 60m, 200m and 400m, and repeated his successes indoors in September with titles in the 100m, 200m and 400m. He was named Swiss indoor vice-champion in the 400m, took ninth place in the U20 European championships in Grosseto and, last but not least, achieved the title of Swiss champion with the 4 x 400m Virtus relay.

In November 2017, Ricky moved to the banks of the Limmat river to join LC

Zürich. This club, with the support of the coach, Flavio Zberg, has been formulating a sports and vocational training programme over the course of several years.

Agno FC

12 years after the merging of Lugano FC and Malcantone Agno FC, which effectively saw the disappearance of this historic club, we decided to relaunch it. Founded on 1st July 1955, it is responsible for some significant pages in the history books of Ticino and Swiss football. Some of its most prestigious players include, but are not limited to, Alberto Regazzoni, Germano Vailati, Marco Padalino, Yane Bugnard, Paulinho and Regis Rothenbühler, as well as coaches of the likes of Vladimir Petković.

The main aim was to give the club a new lease of life under a new guise, offering our young people who have completed their studies the opportunity to continue playing this tremendous sport in complete harmony, pursuing our values of continuity, relationships and love for the local area.

Ticino Unihockey

Ticino Unihockey (TIUH), based in Bellinzona, is a sports club that was founded on 27th March 2006 from the merging of two historic clubs, Bellinzona Unihockey and UniGaggio Gorduno. Fun fact: during the constitution assembly, the name Ticino Unihockey was picked over the name Bellinzona Capitals. The intention was to later involve other clubs in the Canton so as to bring together the strongest assets (players, coaches and resources) in order to eventually achieve results at a national level.

On 9th April 2011, five years after the project’s launch, Ticino Unihockey enjoyed a historic achievement when it was promoted to National League B! The first team has played in National League B since 2011/2012, and plays home matches in the charming, historic Arti e Mestieri gym. TIUH has about 170 active members spread across 8 sections with four junior teams on the large pitch (U14A/U16B/U21D/U21B) and one on the small pitch (JD).

TIUH allows you to play from as young as 3 years (“kids”) without ever stopping (“seniors”). The club has about 25 coaches and 6 referees and instructors. It also has several collaborators who oversee the management of three national and international youth tournaments (TIUH Master, Autumn Tournament and Spring Tournament) as well over 35 home marches in various championships.

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