Our Partner: Sanitas

As a Sanitas Preference customer, you have access to convenient additional benefits during a hospital stay, providing you with a comprehensive service. Our service begins before your hospital stay and only ends when you’re sufficiently recovered to be able to take care of everything yourself again.

The Sanitas Preference Standard

Promise to pay

Before the patient is admitted, Ars Medica Clinic requires a payment commitment for the stay from your insurance company. If the health insurance company does not guarantee coverage of all charges, a deposit must be paid before admission. In this case, you will be informed in advance by our Admissions Office.


We issue invoices on the basis of the agreements with insurance companies, and in accordance with current rates of health insurance in the Canton of Ticino. We arrange for payments to be made directly from health insurance companies in Switzerland. Patients will receive an invoice only for the services not covered by their health insurance company (such as telephone charges, food and beverages consumed by guests, etc.).